Explore the oldest desert in the world and the amazing nature & wildlife of Namibia, affectionately known as “The Jewel of the Desert.

The desert nation of Africa is a hauntingly beautiful country. Its German influence is evident throughout the country, which is one of the world’s natural treasure troves.

Etosha national park is indisputably one of the world’s greatest game reserves. Before the rainy season, it offers wildlife viewing that rivals the very best reserves on Earth. The Caprivi Strip is a water wonderland, with the Epupa falls generally regarded as the second largest waterfall in an arid area. The Erongo mountains, Spitkoppe and Brandberg are amongst the most remarkable mountains in the world, and the Namib Naukluft feature on the list of mountains that one must see, but that are often unknown.

The deserts to the South of the country are in many ways the highlights of the stunning nation. The skeleton coast, where glorious dunes plunge into stunning Atlantic waters with almost no inhabitants, is justifiably world famous. Even more so is the area of Sossusvlei, also in the enormous Namib Naukluft. It is usually seen as the single most beautiful desert scape on Earth. Dead Vlei, found within the greater Sossusvlei area, is an astounding area featuring trees petrified by centuries with little rain, and it often reduces first time visitors to speechless wonder. The Namib desert is the oldest desert in the world!

Namibia is without any doubt one of the world’s most scenically magnificent countries.

Best time to travel to Namibia

Namibia only receives a fraction of the rain experienced by countries further east. Between December and March, some days will be humid, and rain may follow, often in localized, afternoon thunderstorms. Wildlife viewing in all parks, but especially in Etosha, is best in the Dry season from June to October.

Why you may love it:

  • Stunning diversity of landscapes

  • Some of the best national and private game reserves in Africa

  • Fantastic destination for lovers of good food and wine, especially in the Cape

  • Varied climate so that it is perfect holiday weather somewhere in South Africa at any time of the year.

  • Only country in Africa offering malaria-free game-viewing (perhaps for families with young children or honeymooners thinking of a family)

  • Marginal difference in time zones for Europeans ensuring little down-time at the start of your safari, and making a short week away a distinct possibility

  • South Africa’s cultural diversity makes for some thought-provoking cultural tours in both urban and rural areas